Introducing Mailboxes

Our most requested feature is finally ready: you can now add several real email addresses into SimpleLogin and choose which one to use when creating aliases! A real email address is called mailbox in SimpleLogin.

This feature is particularly useful if you have several email addresses, maybe for different uses: a Gmail account for social networks & forums, a Protonmail account for professional emails, etc.

Multiple Mailboxes

When creating an alias, you can choose which mailbox that owns this alias, meaning:

You can also change the owning mailbox for an existing alias.

The mailbox doesn’t have to be your personal email: you can also create aliases for your friend by adding his/her email as a mailbox.

You can create and manage mailboxes on your dashboard.

Adding additional mailboxes is available in the Premium plan or during the trial period. Same for other features: mailboxes created during the trial period are kept and continue working normally when the trial ends.

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