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What to do when a website blocks registration with SimpleLogin

Most websites and online services allow you to register with your SimpleLogin alias. However, there have been reports of some websites not accepting a SimpleLogin domain.

What to do when a Website is blocking SimpleLogin?

Report the website to:

We keep track of all the websites reported, do further testing and manually reach out the website to ask for the block to be removed.

How to know if a website is blocking SimpleLogin?

You will notice this when website is blocking you to register with your unique SimpleLogin alias. Some websites are transparent and display an error message like “This email address is not accepted”.

Other websites are sending more generic error messages or not even display any error. In that case, try registering with another email address ( or

Why SimpleLogin is not a throwaway email service?

  • You need an account to use SimpleLogin
  • All aliases generated are unique
  • Multiple anti-abuse automation
  • Anti-SPAM limitations

SimpleLogin is an email aliasing tool that allow users to add a layer of privacy and security while browsing online.

How to get SimpleLogin unblocked?

Another way to resolve the problem is to get add your custom domain to SimpleLogin (this is a Premium feature).

Email template to send to websites that block SimpleLogin

To: Customer support email address

Subject: Unable to register with my unique SimpleLogin email alias


I would appreciate your help in registering my account with your service. I was unable to use my SimpleLogin email alias during the sign-up process:

The block of SimpleLogin alias on your domain must be a mistake. Hundreds of thousands of people globally use SimpleLogin to protect their identity online against SPAM and phishing by using a unique email alias. SimpleLogin has been acquired by Proton, the leader of encrypted email use by tens of millions of users.

I believe it’s important not to discriminate against users who prefer a privacy-focused email services.

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,