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Possible error codes

When some errors happen during the authorization flow, SimpleLogin redirects user back to redirect_uri?error={error_code} so your app can act accordingly. Some errors are often caught during development but some can come from the user. Please find below the complete list of errors:

  • deny: probably the most frequent error. This happens when user denies sharing their info with your app. You can maybe in this case offer another sign-in mechanism to user, or if SimpleLogin is the only one, let user know that they need to accept sharing their data in order to use your app.

  • invalid_client_id: this happens when the provided client_id is unknown or empty. It can happen when the client_id is not set correctly in the code. As a reminder, the authorization url has the following format:
  • http_not_allowed: by default, http[s]://localhost:* is whitelisted to facilitate development. However once the Sign in with SimpleLogin code hits the production, a correct redirect_uri needs to be set on developer page (cf App). For security reason, http is not allowed so you must use https for the web. For mobile apps, a custom scheme (e.g. com.my_company.my_app://) is also allowed.

  • unknown_redirect_uri: the redirect_uri, if other than http[s]://localhost:* needs to be set on developer page. Please see App.