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In case SimpleLogin emails are put into the Spam folder, you can create email filters to explicitly allow emails from SimpleLogin.

SimpleLogin never sends spam and no one can spoof SimpleLogin emails thanks to SPF, DKIM and DMARC protection.

However some email providers might mistakenly put SimpleLogin emails into Spam or Junk folder, especially when you start receiving emails from SimpleLogin. To mark SimpleLogin as safe senders, please follow the below guides. For information, emails coming from SimpleLogin are sent either via or domain.

And please do not put SimpleLogin emails into Spam. Instead, if an alias is too spammy, you can disable it on SimpleLogin dashboard.


This video shows how to create a rule marking all emails from or domains as safe in Gmail:

How to set up filter in Gmail


This video shows how to add and as safe senders in Outlook/Hotmail. Please note that the change in Outlook/Hotmail is not immediate. In our test, it takes up to 6 hours ⌛️ for the change be effective.

How to set up filter in Hotmail


The below video shows how to create a rule in ProtonMail to mark all emails that end with or as safe.

How to set up filter in ProtonMail