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SimpleLogin App

A SimpleLogin App represents a user database. For ex, if you have iOS, Android and Web app for a single product, then you just need a single SimpleLogin App. Same applies if you have 2 different products but that share the same user database.

Create an App

Please head to and click on Create new app to create a new app. You only need to provide a name.

All app fields are optional. We recommend however to provide as much information as possible so user can recognize your app. Teaser: a showcase feature is in progress and once the feature is ready, you can submit your app to the showcase to promote it to all SimpleLogin users.

Depending on the flow you choose (code or implicit), you would need store either:

  • both oauth client id and oauth client secret if you decide to use code flow

  • or just oauth client id if you choose implicit flow

To have a shorter terminology, AppID and oauth client id are the same thing and so are AppSecret and oauth client secret.

App Redirect URI

This is the most important field in your app! By default SimpleLogin whitelists all http[s]://localhost:* address to facilitate local development but you need to set your app Redirect URI before deploying your app to production: in effect, SimpleLogin will refuse to present the Authorization Page to user if it doesn't recognize the redirect_uri passed in the url. You can add as many redirect uri as you want. Please note that except the localhost ones, the Redirect URI needs to be https for security reason.

When some errors happen during the authorization flow, SimpleLogin redirects user back to redirect_uri?error={error_code} so your app can act accordingly. Please find the list of all errors on Error Codes.


SimpleLogin has added support for SimpleLogin in the following popular libraries and more are coming:

It's impossible to cover all Social Login libraries for all languages. As SimpleLogin implements fully OAuth2/OpenID Connect standard, any library compatible with these standards should be able to handle SimpleLogin with the following OAuth2/OpenID Connect endpoints:

  • Authorization endpoint:
  • Token endpoint:
  • UserInfo endpoint:

Please find in the Guides section dedicated guide for some frameworks/languages.

If you don’t want to use a library that supports OAuth/OpenID Connect, this can work too! Please head to