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Add SIWSL (Sign in with SimpleLogin) to Discourse

Discourse is a popular open-source forum software.

After adding SIWSL to Discourse, a person can choose to use their SimpleLogin account to log in or sign up on your forum 👇

and they can control which information they want to share:

Adding SIWSL is done in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Install the OpenID Connect Authentication Plugin

First, let's install the official OpenID Connect Authentication plugin by adding this line

sudo -E -u discourse git clone

into your container’s app.yml file (usually present in /var/discourse/containers/). More info on how to install a plugin on How to Install Plugins in Discourse. The line is added here:

After that rebuild the container. This can take several minutes so you can take a cup of ☕️ after running it.

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app

The plugin should be now available on the Discourse Admin/Plugins page:

Step 2: Create a website on SimpleLogin dashboard

Head to SimpleLogin dashboard and create a new website.

Now go to the OAuth2 endpoints page:

  • Note the Client ID and Client Secret needed for the next step.

  • Add {your forum url}/auth/oidc/callback as redirect_uri, make sure to replace {your forum url} by your actual forum URL.

Step 3: Config Discourse OpenID Connect Authentication Plugin

Go to the Discourse admin page for Discourse OpenID Connect Authentication Plugin

then make sure to

  • enable OpenID Connect
  • copy in openid connect discovery document
  • copy your Client ID in step 2 to openid connect client id
  • Copy your Client Secret in step 2 to openid connect client secret

Lastly, modify the plugin title to "Sign in with SimpleLogin" by editing the text (pointed by the arrow 👆)


Now SIWSL should be provided as a login/register option on your forum. Your community members now have a choice of using a privacy-focused, open-source login solution 🎉.