Don't lose your email to spammers

Protect your personal email with email alias.

Quickly create email aliases with our Chrome, Firefox, Safari extension.

Use email alias as your business email.

How it works

Or the journey to a sane inbox.

Sign up and start creating aliases

The next time a website asks for your email address, just create a new alias instead of using your real email.

Receive emails safely

All emails sent to an alias are forwarded to your "real" email address without the sender knowing anything.

Create aliases without leaving the browser

Quickly manage aliases with our browser extension and mobile apps.

What you can do with aliases

A. Replace email by alias everywhere

Custom Alias image

Subscribe to mailing lists, create new online accounts with email alias.

All emails sent to an alias will be forwarded to your personal inbox.

Later on, simply block an alias if it's too spammy.

B. Send emails from alias

Reply Alias image

Not only an alias can receive emails, it can send emails too.

Just hit "Reply" whenever you need to reply to a forwarded email.

The reply will come from the alias and your personal email address is never revealed.

C. Run your business with alias

Business email image

Use alias as your business email.

Save $6/month for each business email created with SimpleLogin.

By the way our company emails are actually aliases 🤫.

Privacy, security and features you’ll love

Your data is always private.


100% open source

Built upon open source technology, SimpleLogin is also fully open source.
You wouldn't trust a black box to handle your emails, would you?


Browser extension

Manage your aliases on SimpleLogin Chrome (and other Chromium-based browsers like Edge, Opera, Brave, etc), Firefox and Safari extension.
Mobile apps are coming soon.


Send emails from alias

Not only an alias can receive emails, it can also send emails. An alias is a full-fledged email address.


Custom domain

Bring your own domain and thanks to alias technology, SimpleLogin could replace your email hosting solution!
And do you know that you can have catch-all alias with your domain?


Generous pricing

SimpleLogin free plan has infinite forwards/replies and unlimited bandwidth.
Anyone should be able to protect their mailbox for free.


On-the-fly aliases with directory

Create your directory, and just use your_directory/ next time you need an email address with ANYTHING can be anything 😉.


Multiple mailboxes

If you already have several email addresses, this feature is for you: you can add several real email addresses into SimpleLogin and choose which one to use when creating aliases. Learn more.


PGP Encryption

Encrypt the forwarded emails with your own PGP key. Only you can then decrypt these emails.


More than (just) alias

SimpleLogin ambition is to protect your online privacy and that doesn't limit to just email.
Stay tuned for upcoming features like single sign-on, phone number protection, credit card protection.


SimpleLogin is loved by users


Frequently asked questions

Ready to get started?


  • No more sign-up form Live

    You can quickly sign in on any website that has "Sign in with SimpleLogin" button.

    And you can decide and customize what information you want to share with a website.

  • Custom alias domain Live

    You can add custom domain for your alias, for example

  • Open source Live

    SimpleLogin code is fully open source on Github.

  • Directory (or username) Live

    Simply use your-directory/
    next time you need an email address.

  • Safari Extension Live

    The next browser to be covered after Chrome & Firefox.

  • iOS & Android App Beta

    Manage aliases on the go.

  • Additional Mailboxes Live

    You can add additional mailboxes and use them for your aliases.
    Handy when you already have several email addresses or want to create aliases for your friends.

  • OpenPGP support Live

    Bring your own PGP key or use our public key to encrypt all forwarded emails.

  • And other exiting features! We need you!

    Check out our full Roadmap on Trello.
    Don't hesitate to submit new ideas or vote on features you like to happen.

Our partners

High performance cloud hosting. All SimpleLogin infrastructure is powered by UpCloud.

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