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With email aliases , you can finally create a different identity for each website. Defend against spams, phishing and data breach. Open-source. Made and hosted in EU 🇪🇺

500,000+ aliases created.
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How it works

Shield your mailbox with email alias.

A different email alias for each website.
A different email alias for each website

The next time a website asks for your email address, just create a new alias.

Receive emails safely in your mailbox.
Receive emails safely in your mailbox

Emails sent to an alias are forwarded to your mailbox without the sender knowing anything.
You can also send emails or reply anonymously from your alias.

Create and manage your aliases everywhere

Quickly create an alias on the go. Sign up for a newsletter, create a new online account with a click.

Available everywhere

Alias is the new email address

A. Replace email by alias everywhere

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Subscribe to mailing lists, create new online accounts with email alias.

Later on, simply block an alias if it's too spammy.

B. Send emails from alias

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Just hit "Reply" whenever you need to reply to a forwarded email: the reply will come from the alias and your personal mailbox stays hidden.

You can also send emails to any email address from your alias.

C. Run your business with alias

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Use alias as your business email.

Save $6/month for each business email created with SimpleLogin.

50+ and counting businesses trust SimpleLogin to run their emails.

SimpleLogin is loved by users

Privacy, security and features you’ll love

SimpleLogin is the most advanced email alias solution.

100% open-source

Built upon open-source technology, all SimpleLogin components are also open-source.
You wouldn't trust a black box to handle your emails, would you?

Send emails from alias

Not only can an alias receive emails, it can also send emails. An alias is a full-fledged email address.


Manage your aliases on SimpleLogin website or on our Chrome, Firefox, Safari extensions.
Or on your phone with Android (Play Store, F-Droid) and iOS apps.

Custom domain

Bring your own domain and you don't have to buy yet another email hosting solution.
And do you know that you can have catch-all alias with your domain?

Generous pricing

All SimpleLogin plans have infinite forwards/sends and unlimited bandwidth.
Receive and send emails as much as you like.

On-the-fly aliases with directory

Create your directory, and use it to quickly create aliases without opening SimpleLogin web or mobile apps. Learn more.

Multiple mailboxes

If you already have several mailboxes, this feature is for you: you can add your mailboxes into SimpleLogin and choose which one to use when creating an alias. Learn more.

Privacy & Security

With PGP, encrypt the forwarded emails with your own PGP key. Only you can then decrypt these emails. Works perfectly with Protonmail or any OpenPGP tools (Enigmail, GPG Tools, etc).

To better secure your SimpleLogin account, you can enable 2FA with TOTP and/or WebAuthn (FIDO).

More than (just) alias

SimpleLogin's ambition is to protect your online privacy and email is only the beginning.
Stay tuned for upcoming features like single sign-on, phone number protection and credit card protection.


Frequently asked questions

Email alias is similar to forward email address: all emails sent to an alias will be forwarded to your inbox.
Thanks to SimpleLogin technology, you can also send emails from an alias.
For your contact, the alias is therefore your email address.

Email subaddressing, also known as the plus (+) trick, is popularized by Gmail and supported by some email services, allows you to create new email addresses by appending "+" to your current email address. Says your email is, you can quickly create another address like for Facebook, for Groupon, etc.
Though practical, it has some downsides:
- You cannot reply from the + address: your real email will appear as the sender.
- The + trick is well-known and some websites don't allow sign-ups with email addresses that contain +.
- Using + trick doesn't protect your privacy: one can easily remove the + part to have your real email. If your + address appears in the data breach, your real address is probably also in the hands of spammers. You could check whether your email is leaked using website like have i been pwned
- By removing the + part, advertisers can link these + addresses together to have your browsing history.

SimpleLogin aliases don't have any of these downsides.
In addition SimpleLogin could also help manage your business emails. If you own a domain and don't want to pay a full solution like GSuite, you could add the domain into SimpleLogin and create emails like, with aliases. All our business emails (the are actually aliases.

SimpleLogin is the most advanced email alias solution and is in active development. Here are some differences between SimpleLogin and other email forwarding/alias services:

  • Fully open-source: both SimpleLogin server and client code (browser extension, JS library, mobile apps) are open-source so anyone can freely inspect and improve the code.
  • Covers all major platforms: Chrome/Firefox/Safari extension for desktop, iOS and Android apps for mobile.
  • The only email forwarding solution that can be self-hosted, i.e. you could run SimpleLogin on your server. With our detailed self-hosting instructions and most of components running as Docker container, anyone who knows ssh is able to deploy SimpleLogin on their server.
  • You can send/reply emails from alias. There's no limits on the number of sends/replies.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • No ads, no tracker.
  • Not just email alias: SimpleLogin is also a privacy-focused and developer-friendly identity provider that:
    - respects user privacy
    - is simple to use for developers.
    SimpleLogin offers a privacy-focused alternative to the "Login with Facebook/Google/Apple" buttons.
  • Plenty of features: browser extension, custom domain, catch-all alias, OAuth libraries, etc. and much more to come.
  • Open roadmap at GitHub: you know the exciting features we are working on.

SimpleLogin alias are permanent as opposed to the temporary email addresses created on services like,, etc.
SimpleLogin also doesn't store the emails, they are stored in your mailbox.
SimpleLogin is simply a different product for a different need.

Our revenue comes only from subscriptions, that means the product will stay ad-free forever.

This is probably the hardest question that a company has to answer :).

As we are using SimpleLogin on a daily basis, for both our personal and professional usage, in the worst case, we will close registrations for new users so SimpleLogin can only be used by existing users.

For information, Spamgourmet, a similar email forwarding service has been running for more than 20 years now. Spamgourmet is actually an inspiration for SimpleLogin.

If all this is still not enough, you can also run a SimpleLogin instance yourself as SimpleLogin code is open-source and we give detailed instructions on how to run it.

These 2 features both allow you to create alias on-the-fly, meaning you don't have to open SimpleLogin to create a new alias.
Enabling catch-all on your domain allows you to use as alias with ANYTHING being any word. The only limit is it has to have less than 128 characters.
Alias Directory is similar to catch-all, you can use as alias. your_directory is the name of the directory you created.

You can reply directly from your email client. Just click on the "reply" button, the reply will be routed via SimpleLogin and SimpleLogin will make it coming from your alias. Your personal email will stay invisible to the original sender.

Technically, the From header in your email is replaced by a special alias dynamically generated for each sender. When you reply, your reply is actually sent to this special alias and SimpleLogin will relay the reply back to the sender, making sure the email is sent from your alias. All information about your personal email address is removed during that process.

A reverse-alias is a special alias that allows you to send email from your alias.
A reverse-alias is created for each alias you want to send email from and each contact you want to send email to.
When you send an email to a reverse-alias from your personal email, the email will be sent from your alias to the contact.

As a normal email address, an email alias is always there unless you delete it.

We use UpCloud, a Finland cloud provider. Our server is currently located in its France-Germany and Netherlands datacenter.

You can find the list of all frequent question/answer on the FAQ page.
If you don't find the answer there, please send your question to
You can also create an issue on our GitHub Issues.

Ready to get started?


  • No more sign-up form Beta

    You can quickly sign in on any website that has "Sign in with SimpleLogin" button.

    And you can decide and customize what information you want to share with a website.

    Sign in with SimpleLogin
  • Phone number masking In Progress

    Protect your phone number with a virtual number

  • Bank card masking Planned

    Mask you bank card with a virtual card

  • And other exciting features! We need you!

    Check out our full Roadmap on GitHub.
    Don't hesitate to submit new ideas or vote on features you like to happen.

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