Receive and send emails anonymously

With email aliases, you can be anonymous online and protect your inbox against spams and phishing. Open source. Based in Switzerland.

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How does Email Alias work?

Shield your inbox with email aliases.

Use Email Alias everywhere
A different email alias for each website

Next time a website asks for your email address, give an alias instead of your real email.

Receive emails safely in your inbox.
Receive emails safely in your mailbox

Emails sent to an alias are instantly forwarded to your inbox without the sender knowing anything.

Send emails anonymously
Send emails anonymously

Just hit "Reply" if you want to reply to a forwarded email: the reply is sent from your alias and your real email stays hidden.
You can also easily send emails from your alias.

Create and manage your aliases everywhere

Quickly create an alias on the go. Sign up for a newsletter, create a new online account with a click.

Available everywhere

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Privacy, security and features you’ll love

SimpleLogin is the most advanced email alias solution.

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SimpleLogin was the best thing that's ever happened to me (and I assume it the same applies to others who have tried it out. :) ). I use it mainly to protect my main e-mail from companies that potentially don't respect GDPR laws or can't be bothered to.

Verum Rex

Used this for years now. The creator is responsive and awesome as a whole. Product is 10/10 for what it does. Cheap as all hell as well. Use it for all of my emails. Super reliable and easy to setup with my own domain. Just really really nice.

I used to be excited when receiving new emails.
But thanks to thousands of data breaches, to the 200 billions data broker market, my inbox is now full of unsolicited, impossible-to-unsubscribe and personalized cold emails.
When we use our personal email everywhere, it becomes our online identity and our activity can be easily linked together. VPNs, password managers, Ad Blockers don't help here: we are tracked by our email address.
That’s why I started SimpleLogin to have control over the emails we receive.
And so we can finally be protected from data breaches, cross-site tracking, personalized advertising.
Since our launch in 2020, we’ve helped over 50.000 people gain back control over their inbox and I’d love for you to give it a try.
Son NK
Son Nguyen Kim
CEO & Founder of SimpleLogin