SimpleLogin is moving its legal domicile to Switzerland

January 1, 2024 · written by Author Image Son

In 2022, SimpleLogin joined forces with Proton, allowing us to benefit from Proton’s infrastructure, deliverability, and anti-abuse expertise to make SimpleLogin better. However, one of the few things that didn’t change was SimpleLogin’s legal domicile, which today remains in France, as SimpleLogin SAS is based in Paris.

In recent months, after a deeper legal analysis, we have decided to move SimpleLogin’s legal domicile to Switzerland, the home country of Proton, to take advantage of the stronger privacy protections that Swiss law provides. This change will take place on January 1, 2024, and we will update SimpleLogin’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy so that the contractual relationship between SimpleLogin and SimpleLogin users will now be through Proton AG (Switzerland).

What this means for the SimpleLogin community

Nothing about the service you receive will change. The app, the payments, everything will remain the same. The only changes are:

We believe both of these changes will contribute to better privacy protection for the SimpleLogin community. Thank you again for your support and encouragement. We look forward to continuing to deliver even more benefits to SimpleLogin users in 2024.