Spamgourmet, an inspiration for SimpleLogin

I learnt about Spamgourmet via a friend who has been using the service for more than 10 years. Even though I couldn’t create a new account on Spamgourmet (the registration is closed), I only heard nice things about this service.

The website seems out of date with its yellowish background and it’s indeed old: it has been running since 2000! The service is free and if people like it, they could donate or buy a T-Shirt. Spamgourmet is also open source so anyone could run it on their server.

A simple, honest, transparent service like Spamgourmet is a great inspiration for SimpleLogin because of several reasons:

Then I stumbled upon this sad topic. Josh, Spamgourmet maintainer got brain cancer at the terminal phase. It’s touching to see how people appreciate his works. I hope one day I would be able to create a service that has so much love from its users.

Update on Jan 20 2020: Josiah, Josh’s son has decided to step up and continue his father’s work of maintaining Spamgourmet.

For those who might ask, is SimpleLogin a concurrent to Spamgourmet? Actually no because: - Spamgourmet Alias (or address) is temporary by design: by default an alias can only receive up to 20 emails unless you use the Advanced Mode. A SimpleLogin alias is designed as an email replacement and is permanent unless you delete it.

All the best to Josh.

Written by Son Nguyen Kim [Follow on Twitter]

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