Privacy-friendly alternative to Login with Facebook

SimpleLogin is built for privacy-conscious site owners and protects your users identity. Open-source, Developer-first, SimpleLogin can be integrated in minutes.

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Identity provider that respects your users privacy.

It's time to ditch Login with Facebook.

Easy integration

Painless setup. Default config to facilite our life (e.g. localhost is whitelisted by default 🥳). Start now and launch in the next hour.

100% open-source

Built upon open-source technology, all SimpleLogin components are also open-source.

No tracking

Using SimpleLogin shows that you care about your users privacy.

Follow the standard

SimpleLogin implements OAuth2/OpenID Connect, the industry standard for login solution and is fully compatible with any OAuth2/OpenID Connect library.

<button onclick="simpleLogin()">
    Login with SimpleLogin

<!-- Include SimpleLogin JS SDK -->
<script src=""></script>

SL.init("quickstart"); // Your SimpleLogin AppID

function simpleLogin() {
        // This is where you log user in :)
        console.log("SimpleLogin user", user);

import requests_oauthlib, os

# Your SimpleLogin AppID, AppSecret
CLIENT_ID = os.environ.get("CLIENT_ID")

def login():
    sl = requests_oauthlib.OAuth2Session(
    redirect_url, _ = sl.authorization_url(

    return flask.redirect(redirect_url)

def callback():
    sl = requests_oauthlib.OAuth2Session(CLIENT_ID)

    user_info = sl.get("").json()
    print(user_info["email"], user_info["name"], user_info["avatar_url"])
    return "Welcome " + user_info["name"]

# Based on social-auth-app-django library
pip install git+ssh://




<!-- In your login template -->
<a href="{% url 'social:begin' 'simplelogin' %}">Login with SimpleLogin</a>

                            // config SimpleLogin OIDC
passport.use('SimpleLogin', new OidcStrategy({
    issuer: '',
    authorizationURL: '',
    tokenURL: '',
    userInfoURL: '',
    clientID: process.env.CLIENT_ID, // SimpleLogin AppId
    clientSecret: process.env.CLIENT_SECRET, // SimpleLogin AppSecret
    callbackURL: process.env.URL + '/authorization-code/callback',
    scope: 'openid profile'
}, (issuer, sub, profile, accessToken, refreshToken, done) => {
    return done(null, profile);

// show user info
app.use('/profile', (req, res) => {
    console.log("user:", req);
    res.render('profile', {
        title: 'User Info',
        user: req.user._json
Coming soon...
Coming soon...

Created by developer for developer

SimpleLogin is compatible with all Oauth2/OpenID Connect libraries.

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Python (Flask)
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Python (Django)
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NodeJS (Passport.js)
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Client-side javascript
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ReactJS, VueJS Coming soon

As a software engineer, I like SimpleLogin concept and its streamlined development experience.
There are some solutions with a similar purpose, but none of them is transparent for users. Or simple enough for developers to integrate.
Finally, a service that makes people conscious about PRIVACY. And helps developers bring trust to their brand identity in a SIMPLE way.


Software Engineer, Docker

Frequently asked questions

Facebook と Google は、よりパーソナライズされた広告を提供できるように、ユーザーの閲覧履歴を追跡するためにこれらのボタンを使用していることをご存知ですか?

SimpleLogin は広告を利用しておらず、ユーザーが自分のデータを完全に制御できるため、ユーザー データを利用する動機はありません。

SimpleLogin のコードはGitHubにあり、オープンソースです。

誰でも自由にコードを監査したり、独自の SimpleLogin サーバーをセットアップしたりできます。

SimpleLogin の収益は、透明性と持続可能なモデルに基づいており、これによりプライバシー最優先でトラッカーのない製品を実現できます。

そのとおり! 私たちが Web プラットフォームから始めたのは、単に Android WebView または iOS UIWebView 経由でモバイル アプリにも使用できるためです。

Android、iOS、Windows 向けの SDK といくつかのサンプルを近々提供する予定です。 乞うご期待!