SimpleLogin support is now handled by Zendesk

February 22, 2022 · written by Author Image Son

Currently SimpleLogin support happens via emails. Anyone can reach out to our support address with any question/request and usually receives the response within 24h.

As SimpleLogin grows, we bring more people to the support team which brings some advantages:

Unfortunately, the current support flow by email is hard to distribute to a bigger team. After studying existing options, we decided to use Zendesk for our new support flow. Zendesk is chosen for several reasons:

We make sure that only the information you include in the support ticket is stored by Zendesk. We take a further step by allowing you to quickly create an alias to use in a support ticket so your personal email address is never communicated to Zendesk.

Our current support address is still active with any ad-hoc requests or if you wish to send us PGP encrypted message. Given our current volume of emails, we might some delays replying to your emails.

For most questions, please use the new Zendesk-based flow which is more optimized for our workflow.