A great alternative to 33mail

August 8, 2021 · written by Author Image Giorgio

33mail is a fantastic service to create email aliases and it’s been online for more than 10 years. Here are the main differences between SimpleLogin and 33mail. Burner Mail or SimpleLogin

Number of email alias & bandwidth

With a 33mail free subscription, you can create an unlimited number of aliases. SimpleLogin does limit the number of aliases to 10 per free account.

33mails only has 10MB monthly bandwidth in the free plan. We can quickly reach the 10MB if emails contain attachments or if they are heavy HTML based (as most emails nowadays are).

SimpleLogin doesn’t have any limit on the bandwidth as we believe this gives you peace of mind.

Send/Reply from your Alias

In the 33mail paid account, you can reply to the forwarded email. It starts at 1$ per month for 20 replies.

With SimpleLogin, you get unlimited replies. You can also send emails from your aliases.

Open Source

What do you get

One of the key differences between the SimpleLogin and 33mail is that SimpleLogin is completely open-source. This means countless developers constantly audited the code. SimpleLogin can also be installed on your own servers.

Emails contain personal, sensitive information, and therefore open-source email services should be preferred over closed-source, proprietary ones.

If for any reason SimpleLogin goes out of business, you can download the code and run it on your own server. You can then export your aliases from SimpleLogin and import them into your server.

SimpleLogin development also happens in the open, and new features are frequently released. You are also welcome to take part in discussions about future features. In fact, SimpleLogin community actually created some features.


What do you get

You can use SimpleLogin everywhere. It’s available on:

One SimpleLogin account can be used on these devices at the same time.

33mail is only available on Web and doesn’t provide mobile apps.

Email aliases on the fly

33mail allows you to create new email aliases on the fly using the username: you can just use anything@your-username.33mail.com and this address will be created the first time it receives an email.

SimpleLogin has a similar feature called subdomain. It works similarly to 33mail username: anything@your-subdomain.simplelogin.com is created the first time it receives an email.

Pricing Plans

What do you get

33mail and SimpleLogin take different approaches to pricing. 33mail has several options, ranging from $1/month to $50/month. SimpleLogin has only 1 premium plan that offers almost everything unlimited.

33mail free plan comes with ads. SimpleLogin, on the other hand, doesn’t serve ads as ads usually come with trackers and are powered by big Techs like Google, Facebook. For the same reason, SimpleLogin uses an open source, privacy focused analytics solution.

PGP Encryption

What do you get

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) allows you to encrypt your emails so your email service can’t read the email content. This adds another layer of security, especially for popular email services that don’t have PGP built in like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo.

This method of encryption significantly increases the security of the messages you exchange online.

PGP is provided by default by some email services such as Proton Mail or enabled with existing email services via PGP softwares.

SimpleLogin adds support for PGP on March 2020. 33mail doesn’t support PGP at the moment.

Crypto Payments

What do you get

33mail only accepts fiat payments, as in $, €, or £.

SimpleLogin now integrates with Coinbase Commerce, which means you can pay with your favorite cryptocurrencies at the checkout.

HaveIBeenPwned integration

What do you get

On all free and paid plans, SimpleLogin integrates with HaveIBeenPwned and lets you know if your alias is exposed in a mail breach.

This integration is important as it allows you to quickly turn the alias off as soon as the breach happens, and protect yourself from unwanted emails or bigger problems that may arise from a data breach (such as stolen identities and/or credit fraud)

SimpleLogin will also send you an email as soon as one of your alias gets into a data breach and provide details on how to deactivate it immediately.


What do you get

33mail is good software, and we support every business promoting email aliases, a great weapon to protect our privacy.

In conclusion, we believe 33mail is a better choice if you need a free solution with an unlimited number of email aliases. SimpleLogin could be a better fit for you if you’re looking for a privacy-focused, feature-rich solution.