Free Email Alias: get yours today in five minutes

July 26, 2021 · written by Author Image Giorgio

You understood the importance of using email aliases, and you’re looking for the best free email alias generator. SimpleLogin is an open-source software that generates up to 10 email aliases for you for free. There are no hidden fees of any kind. Today, we’ll show you how to set up your account and get started with your free email alias right away! If you need a refresher on what we’re talking about, you can read our full article on what is an email alias.

Free Email Alias

Set Up Your Account with SimpleLogin

We have an open-source version of our software which you can install on your server if you’re technically minded.

However, because the installation and setup is still a little complicated for less tech-savvy people, we recommend using our cloud solution instead.

To get started, click on the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner:

Get your free email alias with SimpleLogin today in three steps

And fill the form up with your data:

Free Email Alias

We only require your:

and will never ask for your private information. We’re a privacy-focused product so expect the maximum protection of your personal details.

Once you’re done filling up your details, solve the captcha, and click “Create Account”. We’ll immediately send an email confirmation.

Head over to your email client and confirm your email address… and you’re done! Your SimpleLogin account will be ready to go.

How to generate a free email alias

There are three main ways to generate a free email alias from your SimpleLogin account:

Generate an email alias from our web app

The most extensive solution to create an alias and set up all the advanced settings is from our main app dashboard.

It looks like this:

Dashboard email aliases SimpleLogin: complete overview of the solution

Once you click on “Create New Alias”, you’ll be brought to the setup screen:

Free Email Alias

Here, you’ll be able to specify your alias and select from a list of public domains (the domain that appears after the @). All of those are free to use, and we offer more than one just in case the website you’re signing up to blocked one of them.

Remember you can also group your aliases in directories. That can be useful if you register to many services in the same niche, for example “Social Networks” may be a useful directory to have.

Generate an email alias from our browser extensions

Alternatively, if you want to do things quicker, you can generate a free email alias from our browser extensions.

We have extensions for:

All Chromium Browsers that support Chrome Extensions will do as well. For example, Brave and Edge will work with our extension.

The process to create an email alias with SimpleLogin’s extension is pretty much identical:

Free Email Alias

Simply click on the SL icon in your toolbar, and create an alias in one click.

You’ll still be able to access the advanced options, add the alias to a directory and forward to multiple email addresses you set up in the platform.

Also, enabling the browser extension will add a button to auto-generate an email alias next to every email field you see online.

Here’s an example:

Free Email Alias

If you click on it, a new alias forwarding to your main email address will be generated on the fly in less than one second.

Free Email Alias

It’s literally faster than typing your real email address in, and gives you the added peace of mind that your email is safe.

Pro tip: if the icon gets in the way, you can move it to the side from the settings panel.

Free Email Alias

Generate an email alias from our applications

SimpleLogin also provides native applications you can use to generate free email aliases, or even switch to a paid subscription to add your custom domain name and PGP.

Subscriptions give us the opportunity to provide a free service while building a strong and long-lasting infrastructure. Unlike other companies, we are committed to continuous development and will be around for the foreseeable future.

We currently have native apps for:

Which covers over 90% of mobile users at the moment. As an example, here’s how our iOS app looks like:

Free Email Alias

and by clicking on the “+” icon in the top right corner you will get to the familiar set up screen:

Free Email Alias

Just create your new alias and start using it online for free! Isn’t that easy-peesy? :)

Do emails sent to my email alias land in my real email client?

They do!

By default, all messages sent to any of the email addresses associated with your account will arrive in your main inbox.

You can also send the email to all your inboxes when a message is sent to your alias.

Is SimpleLogin 100% Open Source?

Absolutely, yes.

Unlike some of our most popular competitors, we are completely open source.

You can get all the premium features for free if you host SimpleLogin on your server.

If you prefer to have an uptime guarantee and work with us to build a safer internet, we also provide premium plans at 30$ per year with great added benefits.

How many free email aliases can I create for free?

You can create 10 email aliases for free.

However, please note you can always delete an alias and create a new one until you get to 10 again.

In short, the limit is 10 active alias, not 10 generated aliases. As long as you don’t need to keep more than 10 aliases working at any time, the free version will be more than enough to cover your needs.

Is your business model sustainable? Will I get updates for free?

Our business is 100% sustained by membership fees. We do not serve ads or sell your data to the highest bidder. This guarantees our software stays true to its core values.

We’re debt-free, profitable and our community is usually more than happy to pay a small premium fee to have the service hosted for them instead of going through the setup themselves.

Our team is very small and we don’t need huge HR teams or to manage dozens of employees for now.

We’re here for the long-term and have been featured on major publications. Don’t worry, your email aliases are safe with us.

What happens if you go out of business?

This is probably the hardest question that a company has to answer :).

As we are using SimpleLogin on a daily basis, for both our personal and professional usage, in the worst case, we will close registrations for new users so SimpleLogin can only be used by existing users.

For information, Spamgourmet, a similar email forwarding service has been running for more than 20 years now.

Spamgourmet is actually an inspiration for SimpleLogin. If all this is still not enough, you can also run a SimpleLogin instance yourself as SimpleLogin code is open-source and we give detailed instructions on how to run it.