SimpleLogin est open source, peut être installé sur votre serveur et 100% financé par la communauté. Nous ne vendons pas vos données et ne vous traquons pas. SimpleLogin dépend de votre support pour être durable et développer de nouvelles fonctionalités.



  • 15 alias
  • Bande passante illimitée
  • Envoi depuis alias illimité
  • 1 mailbox
  • Extensions navigateur
    Chrome, Firefox et Safari
  • App mobile (iOS, Android)
  • 2FA (TOTP ou WebAuthn/FIDO)
  • Sign in with SimpleLogin



or $4/mois
  • Nombre d'alias illimité
  • Vos propres domaines
    Ajouter votre domaine pour créer un alias comme
  • Catch-all (ou wildcard)
    Créer un alias à la volée sans ouvrir SimpleLogin.
  • Nombre d'mailbox illimité
    Un mailbox est est votre boîte mail habituelle comme Gmail, Outlook, Protonmail, etc.
  • PGP Encryption


Server dédidé pour votre entreprise.
  • Server et base de données dédiés
  • Dashboard pour gérer l'équipe
  • Single Sign-On (SAML or OAuth2)

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Foire Aux Questions

When your subscription ends, all aliases you created continue working normally, both on receiving and sending emails. Concretely:
- All aliases/domains/directories/mailboxes you have created are kept and continue working normally.
- You cannot create new aliases if you exceed the free plan limit, i.e. have more than 15 aliases.
- As features like catch-all or directory allow you to create aliases on-the-fly, those aliases cannot be automatically created if you have more than 15 aliases.
- You cannot add new domain, directory or mailbox.

For example, if you have 100 aliases by the time your subscription ends, these 100 aliases will continue receiving and sending emails normally. You cannot however create new aliases.

If you are in the free plan, you cannot create new aliases when you reach the maximum number of aliases (i.e. 15 aliases).
Aliases that would otherwise be created automatically via the catch-all domain or directory feature also cannot be created.

We offer important discounts or free premium for:
- students, professors or technical staffs working at an educational institute
- activists, dissidents or journalists
- charity organizations
Please send us an email at for more info.

We used to offer free premium accounts for students but this program ended at June 17 2021. Please note this doesn't affect existing accounts who have already benefited from the program or requests sent before this date.

We use Paddle for handling payments and Paddle currently supports the following payment methods:
- Mastercard
- Visa
- Maestro
- American Express
- Discover
- Diners Club
- PayPal
- Apple Pay
- Wire Transfers (ACH/SEPA/BACS)
More information can be found on Paddle supported payment methods.
Send us an email at if you want to use other payment options (e.g. IBAN transfer, Cryptocurrency, etc).

No we don't have a refund policy because SimpleLogin has a trial period where you can try all premium features.

No we don't have a family plan but offer 30% reduction for additional subscriptions. Please contact us at for more information.