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Questions techniques

The current limit is 25MB. For large attachments, we suggest using a file upload service and send the link instead. You can find some file sharing services that respect our privacy on Privacy Guides
Another reason of having this limit is the PGP encryption is a heavy process, supporting a bigger size put an important load on SimpleLogin servers.

When an alias is deleted, it's put into a global trash and we make sure that it can't be reused. All historic information on the alias (the account that creates the alias, alias contacts, etc) are deleted to respect your privacy.
This applies to all aliases created with SimpleLogin domains.
You can however restore an alias created with your own domain.

Our PGP keys are on PGP keys page. If you enable PGP, all emails are signed with the key.

At the bottom of the Settings page, you can delete your account. This operation is irreversible and we have no way to recover your data.

The short answer is yes you can. We use email aliases to run our business, manage our taxes, handle our bank operations and so far so good :).
A longer answer is the email protocol is designed to be highly resilient and an email is almost never lost. If SimpleLogin cannot deliver the email to your mailbox, we will notify you so you can take appropriate action. You can also set up a secondary mailbox in addition to your primary mailbox that can be used as a backup.

Questions générales

Un alias reçoit des mails et les redirige à votre "vraie" boîte mail (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Proton Mail).
Grâce à la technologie de SimpleLogin, vous pouvez aussi envoyer des mails depuis an alias.
Pour votre correspondant, l'alias est votre adresse mail.

L'ajout de plus (+) est une forme simple d'alias e-mail.
Certes pratique, cette astuce a plusieurs inconvénients et ne protège pas vraiment votre privacy.
Nous avons écrit un article sur le sujet :).

Un alias est permanent, contrairement à une adresse mail temporaire qui est expiré après certain temps.
SimpleLogin ne stocke pas les mails et les simplement redirige à votre vraie boîte mail.

Nous utilisons UpCloud, un service cloud finlandais. Nos serveurs sont actuellement dans le datacenter de France-Allemande et Pays-Bas.

Vous pouvez voir la liste de toutes les questions/réponses sur la page FAQ.
Si vous ne trouvez pas la réponse de votre question sur cette page, veuillez nous envoyer un mail à
Vous pouvez aussi rejoindre notre Reddit ou notre Twitter

Questions pour les partenaires/développeurs

Do you know that Facebook and Google use these buttons to track your users browsing history so that they can provide more personalized ads?

As SimpleLogin isn't fueled by advertising and gives users total control over their data, we don't have any incentive to utilize your user data.

All SimpleLogin code is fully open source on GitHub

Anyone can freely audit the code or setup their own SimpleLogin server.

SimpleLogin revenue is based on a transparent and sustainable model that allows us to have a privacy-first and tracker-free product.

Yes absolutely! We started with the web platform simply because they can be used for mobile app as well via a Android WebView or IOS UIWebView.

We plan to provide a SDK and some examples for Android, iOS, Windows quite soon. Stay tuned!

Questions sur les offres

When your subscription ends, all aliases you created continue working normally, both on receiving and sending emails. Concretely:
- All aliases/domains/directories/mailboxes you have created are kept and continue working normally.
- You cannot create new aliases if you exceed the free plan limit, i.e. have more than 10 aliases.
- As features like catch-all or directory allow you to create aliases on-the-fly, those aliases cannot be automatically created if you have more than 10 aliases.
- You cannot add new domain, directory or mailbox.

For example, if you have 100 aliases by the time your subscription ends, these 100 aliases will continue receiving and sending emails normally. You cannot however create new aliases.

If you are in the free plan, you cannot create new aliases when you reach the maximum number of aliases (i.e. 10 aliases).
Aliases that would otherwise be created automatically via the catch-all domain or directory feature also cannot be created.

We offer important discounts or free premium for:
- students, professors or technical staffs working at an educational institute
- activists, dissidents or journalists
- charity organizations
Please send us an email at for more info.

We used to offer free premium accounts for students but this program ended at June 17 2021. Please note this doesn't affect existing accounts who have already benefited from the program or requests sent before this date.

We use Paddle for handling payments via credit cards and PayPal. Paddle currently supports the following payment methods:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Wire Transfers (ACH/SEPA/BACS)
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Diners Club
  • JCB
More information can be found on Paddle supported payment methods.
For cryptocurrency, we use Coinbase Commerce that currently supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Ethereum, Litecoin and USD Coin. In the future, we are going to support Monero as well. In the meantime, please send us an email at if you want to use this cryptocurrency.

No we don't have a refund policy because SimpleLogin has a trial period where you can try all premium features.

No we don't have a family plan but offer 30% reduction for additional subscriptions. Please contact us at for more information.

Yes you can also buy SimpleLogin subscription coupon via ProxyStore, our official reseller.